West Baldwin Solar Station

West Baldwin Solar Station is a 16 MW (21.3 MWp) solar PV project, located in Baldwin and Hiram, Maine. The project is sited on secluded, privately owned land, connecting to an existing Central Maine Power (CMP) transmission line. Glenvale is developing the project in collaboration with our investment partner, Lacuna Sustainable Investments.

West Baldwin Solar Station is estimated to begin construction in 2022. Once operational the project will generate emission free electricity for decades, offsetting an estimated 580,074 tons of carbon dioxide emissions over thirty years.


West Baldwin Solar Station will be a model for positive community engagement. The project will preserve Baldwin and Hiram's recreational and natural resources while allowing the local generation of affordable and reliable clean energy.

Glenvale will establish a community benefits plan and contribute to local initiatives and causes. Do you have a suggested good cause that you think Glenvale can support? Please let us know.

We have partnered with longstanding local owners to lease the land on which the project will be built. The project will not be visible from public roads or publicly accessible trails, nor will it require any new transmission line construction.


The site is ideal for a modern renewable energy power plant. The site we have chosen avoids impact to critical natural resources. The project will not be visible from the scenic highways or trails in either town. The project will improve the area’s natural resources by providing acres of cultivated habitat for pollinators.

 West Baldwin Solar Station is located on land currently managed for timber harvesting. No prime farmland will be used for the project; all logged trees are already planned for commercial harvest.

West Baldwin Solar Station will generate an estimated 29,383 megawatt hours of emission free energy in it's first operating year; that’s enough to power 4,611 typical Maine home .Over the first thirty-years of operation, the project will generate 820,472 megawatt hours of renewable energy, and avoid the emission of 580,074 tons of carbon dioxide. The energy generated by West Baldwin Solar Station will be delivered to the CMP transmission system and used locally.


The project will be a critical source of employment and property taxes for Baldwin and Hiram. We expect to generate over one hundred construction jobs. Maine residents and Maine based business will be prioritized for contracting and employment opportunities.


The project will be a major tax-payer in each community. We expect to discuss a mutually beneficial agreement related to new taxes with the elected leadership in each community.

Glenvale has established an Apprenticeship Program in partnership with a leading local Community Development Financing Institution (CDFI). The Apprenticeship Program will support new employment opportunities for up to fifteen transitioning workers. Program participants will be selected based on their promise, training needs, and their ability to benefit from a structured training program. Interested in participating? Let us know.

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